Hello, cruel world.

Ello, Poppet!

To whom it my concern,

Dear Reader,

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Nicole. I hate writing bio sections because I always come across as mad awkward, yo.

I’m a 24-year-old Christian gal who lives near and works in “the city.” My hobbies include dancing in front of my bedroom mirror and smiling at cab drivers when I cross the street. I enjoy singing, writing, video editing, and watching films. I am a recovering “netaholic” who is trying to reclaim her literacy. It’s tough out here when–ooh, a butterfly!

The title of this blog comes from a saying my mom always tells me–“life unfolds as you live it.” Occasionally I feel a quarter-life crisis kicking in and my mom reminds me that over time I will discover what my purpose here is. God has a plan–in the meantime, I do whatever it is that I have to do, and grow in the process. That’s what this blog is about.

I’m supposed to write something here along the lines of “curl up with a cup of java and enjoy your stay,” but this is a blog, not a coffee shop. 




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